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Building an Emergency Fund

Why do you need an Emergency Fund? An emergency fund is a sum of money set aside for accidents, sudden injury, or an unexpected loss of income. It’s essentially what you keep aside “for a rainy day”. Unpredictable events can be life-altering as well as expensive, resulting in financial emergencies. An emergency fund gives youContinue reading “Building an Emergency Fund”


Saving $100k by 30 years old?

Perhaps you’ve read Saving $100K by 30 Years Old… Is It Even Possible? A lengthy read but worthy to know that it’s possible. But here are my thoughts: In all honesty, one would probably save like this when he plans to get married. Bootstrap to save 50% of take-home income. And most of that savingsContinue reading “Saving $100k by 30 years old?”

4 Lessons on Personal Finance from Covid-19

Perhaps you’ve read 4 Key Lessons That COVID-19 Has Taught Me About Personal Finance. They are: Always set aside Emergency savings. Diversify income streams and skill sets. Get suitable and sufficient insurance coverage. Prepare your Will and complete your Nominations. Here I’ll share additional comments and thoughts on the 4 lessons. 1. Always set asideContinue reading “4 Lessons on Personal Finance from Covid-19”