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Graduation… but always a Shariah student

“Nobody said it was easy..” It wasn’t easy to juggle work and studies. It wasn’t easy to set aside time to attend classes, instead of meeting clients. But it was worth it. The classmates, the lecturers, the bonding, the learning. It was worth it, al-Hamdu lillah.. This is not an end to learning; the journeyContinue reading “Graduation… but always a Shariah student”


HDB Resale Levy: when and why

Perhaps you’ve read HDB Resale Levy: What Second-Time Flat Buyers Need To Understand Before Buying Another Flat from Reading the numbers, the facts and figures, you’re scared to consider buying your second flat, crushing your dreams to upgrade your living space. But hold on! As much as the article is scary and could instilContinue reading “HDB Resale Levy: when and why”

Shariah-compliant Investment and Debt

Recently, I came across a Facebook ad on what makes Shariah-compliant Investment different. One of the points mentioned is “No debt or interest payments in the investment structure.” This is a laughable claim as it reflects ignorance of the Facebook page. Anyone who has been involved in Islamic finance would and should know of DebtContinue reading “Shariah-compliant Investment and Debt”

Recognising the red flags

When an agent meets you for the first time, on the pretext of a “policy review”, and recommends that you surrender your policy, that is the first red flag. 🚩 If it is meant to help you reduce premium as you’re currently financially tight, the agent should justify why that particular policy should be surrendered,Continue reading “Recognising the red flags”