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Fun(ds) Investing was born…

Yesterday, my team conducted our first webinar on investment, a private session.

I used to be lost and clueless when it comes to investments, as I listened to monthly updates from Sani Hamid and Victor Wong back in Financial Alliance.

I only started to focus on investment in late 2018, reading and understanding.

Moving to AXA-Audentia Alliance Group, I decided to focus on investment, especially with AXA’s suite of investment products, attending almost every fund house updates.

I’d also thank Terence Kenneth John Nunis for the occasional questions and discussions on investments, market and economy, in which he helps provide clarity.

My manager, Zainuden, saw my interest and entrusted me and Ahmad Faris to share with the team on investment basics and updates.

“Fun(ds) Investing” was born, to reflect my conceptualisation of investments.

Yes, I was nervous last night.

And to receive that message from my manager, a compliment from our BDM in Malaysia (Audentia has a Malaysian team) who spent time to sit in our webinar last night, is heartwarming.

It’s a personal breakthrough, al-Hamdu lillah! To be “go-to person” for investments, when I used to be clueless about it.

A new milestone, progressing!


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