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Understanding Whole life insurance

When buying personal life insurance, you’d be introduced to Term life insurance, Whole life insurance, Endowment/savings plans, as well as Investment-linked policies.

Each product type has its purpose, advantages and disadvantages.

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So what is Whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance provides coverage for the life of the insured. In addition to paying a death benefit, whole life insurance also contains a savings component in which cash value may accumulate. These policies are also known as “permanent” or “traditional” life insurance.

Whole Life Insurance, Investopedia

Key benefits of Whole life insurance:

  • Pay premium for limited term, lifetime coverage (till age 99)
    • Do note that in Singapore, for most (if not all) whole life insurance policies, Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage terminates at age 65 or 70 of the life assured.
  • Whole life insurance policies generally cost more than Term life insurance policies as part of the premium is invested to build cash value.
  • Policy loan is allowed.
    • Do note that it is to be repaid with interest.
  • Early termination would incur early surrender charges, which may result in losses.
    • If you have to cut down on premiums, you may consider converting to a Paid-up term policy. (I’ll touch on this in a different post.)

[Read more at: Understanding Whole Life Insurance, A Beginner’s Guide To Participating Whole Life Insurance VS Investment-Linked Policies (ILPs). I’ll be writing on ILP in a subsequent post.]

[Important disclaimer: the objective of this post is to provide a brief explanation of Whole life insurance for ease of understanding. Further details should be discussed with your financial consultant/planner, especially with regards to your own policy and your financial needs analysis.]


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