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Of Shariah-compliant investments

[This post was originally shared on my FB profile on 27 December 2019.]

When asked about shariah-compliant investments, I personally would steer towards realm of permissibility as it would widen a client’s option.

I personally do not view investments for Muslims to be too rigid as how some would portray it under the claim of “shariah-compliant”.

Based on the fiqh maxim of “origin of a matter is permissible”, mu’amalat or transactions are originally meant to be feasible and practical.

Hence, I’m pragmatic when it comes to investment planning, as well as financial planning & management as a whole, even for Muslims.

Sure, it leads me to “controversies” such as permissibility of investing in bonds, in which I have to disagree with Islamic Finance proponents and enthusiasts.

Being a Shariah student myself, I’ve verified my stance with my lecturers.

Fiqh is dynamic and pragmatic, and provides ease in any situation.

[To end with a note: I do advise on investment planning, on what’s practical for Muslims in Singapore. Feel free to get in touch with me for a consultation.]


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