Is it time to buy or sell your investment?

[This post was originally posted on my FB page on 9 March 2020.] Timing the market may not be a wise move. There are at least a few factors to be considered: what’s the purpose/objective of the investment? is it a single sum investment or regular contributing investment (dollar cost averaging)? what sectors are youContinue reading “Is it time to buy or sell your investment?”

No best way to invest

The following is my answer to a Quora question: “Why is there not a best way to invest?” There is no best way to invest in the same way there is no best car. Some people like road racing, some like off road racing; some like rally racing. Investment strategies depend on the investment horizon,Continue reading “No best way to invest”

“7 years of prosperity, 7 years of drought”

And the king said: Lo! I saw in a dream seven fat kine which seven lean were eating, and seven green ears of corn and other (seven) dry. O notables! Expound for me my vision, if ye can interpret dreams. Quran (Yusuf: 43) He said: Ye shall sow seven years as usual, but that whichContinue reading ““7 years of prosperity, 7 years of drought””

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