I’m a Financial Planner in Singapore with close to 10 years of experience, ranging from being in a tied-agency to an independent financial advisory (IFA) to a financial advisory (FA) firm. Currently I’m an Associate Financial Services Director, growing a branch on an IFA platform.

It’s been quite a journey and exposure that allows me to learn from various industry leaders and players, particularly in areas of financial, insurance, investment, and estate planning.

I’ve also recently completed a Diploma in Islamic Studies (Shariah) to upgrade myself as well as enhance my competence to advise on Muslim concerns with regards to zakat, estate planning and distribution, as well as day to day issues on finance, insurance and investment.

Through this blog, I hope to share posts, articles and thoughts that will benefit my clients as well as readers, as a form of continuous education and information update.

The key areas that I will be addressing in this blog:

  • Financial planning, includes insurance, investment, and financial matters
  • Zakat in practice, a series of posts sharing my perspective as a financial planner (as well as a Shariah student) on zakat matters , especially in terms of practicality
  • Estate planning, with more focus on Muslim concerns in Singapore’s context
  • Dispelling Myths of Riba, a series of posts in which I address misconceptions of riba and conventional finance, as well as related concerns that Muslims would have, especially in Singapore’s context as a Muslim minority

[Disclaimer: the posts on this blog reflects my own personal opinion and do not necessarily represent any financial firm or institution.]

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